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It’s time for the church to move beyond 4 walls. In fact, it’s long overdue. Mondays@TBD is powered by Engage Church and is the first of its kind, designed to be mobile and active outside of the 4 walls in which service is held. Mondays@TBD is geared towards college students and young adults with two words in mind - consecration and creativity. 


We believe this is what God is after in this season - to consecrate the next generation to Himself, and to draw them through creativity. 

It is for this reason that we will preach the explicit Gospel, but also seek to have creativity as a part of our design and a part of our engagement with the people around us. We are on a mission to think outside the box in order to add real value to students, the campuses, young adults, and this city. 


We’re committed to being on the move, to engaging 
God, People, and Culture. Here’s to hoping you’ll join us.


We believe God wants to engage people through creativity. Utilizing tech, photography, videography, storytelling, artists, and all creatives we have a desire to engage people in a world that’s hungry for the tangible presence of God. We’re committed to adding value on all the campus’ and through the city of Tallahassee by capturing the story of God and visualizing the pursuit of His people in a compelling, innovative way.


When God’s word is spoken, life change happens. Each one of us has been uniquely wired to carry the message of the Good News of Jesus. Our commitment is to call up the next generation of communicators, teachers, and critical thinkers who can help change the narrative within our culture. The Gospel goes beyond the four walls of the Church, and we’re committed to break out.


We love moments, but we live for movements. That’s our mantra here, and we have defined our culture by it. We believe in adding value back to the people we encounter on a daily basis. Our desire is for you to foster intentional connections during our services, while also creatively seeking how we can add value to our campus and city throughout the week. We’re committed to execute events, pop-up empathy tours, purpose development classes, and parties (yes, we party hard here), with excellence. These moments that we create can help people experience a movement in their lives.


Music has the power to shift an atmosphere, encourage authentic community, and even strengthen our capacity for empathy. It is something that has been, and always will be, a universal language. While we do this primarily through worship, we are believing for opportunities to add value to the music scene in Tallahassee, making space for connection, jam sessions, songwriting and more. We are confident that God’s desire, through music, is to awaken His people and bring healing to the broken places in our city.


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