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 ENGAGe churcH 

I envision a place that has the conviction and bravery to write New Rules.  A place that shows the world the courage, creativity, and compassion of the man named Jesus. A place that has Christ-centered, multi-ethnic, and innovative faith communities that extend throughout the world. A place that stands on the mandate: Engage God, People, and Culture.  A place that pushes the status quo and faces new challenges daily. A place that will have the courage to lead our nation into the Promised Land, the same Promised Land of reconciliation that Dr. King saw from the mountaintop. A place that has the audacity to follow God, no matter the circumstance.  I see a place where the hopeless find hope and where the broken are made whole. A place where people who have searched exhaustively for purpose, find it, and are launched into it. A place like Bethlehem, which seemingly had little to offer, but birthed the hope of the world.


We are this place that I envision. We are the bricks and the blocks and the stones of this place; Christ is our foundation. We are the place that launches thousands of leaders into every sphere of influence of society. A place, which will be on the forefront, leading a global movement of culture creators. We are the place that will be innovative and creative with every building and in every space. A place where its locations will be a blessing, not only to the church, but to the cities they dwell in. We see a place that makes Jesus the main attraction, where he is shown off to the world. We are the place I envision.


This is our declaration.


– Pastor Adrian Crawford

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