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Over the last week, our leadership team has been working on a plan in regards to a new COVID-19 protocol. With the new Leon County guidelines, in addition to the administration of vaccines in place, our staff has made the executive decision to lift the mask mandate for our Midtown Services, effective this Sunday 5/16. We have decided on the following protocol: 

  • Mask wearing will be optional and based on the discretion of the individual.

  • Registration will still be required at the moment, and our cap for services will remain at 150 per-service. 

  • Registration, checkin protocol, and classroom capacity for Engage Kids will remain the same.

  • We will continue to ensure our sanctuary and kids space are cleaned and sanitized before and after each service. 

  • Our Wednesday night SHIP YOUTH meetings will be lifting the mask mandate enforcement. This change will go into effect on Wednesday, May 19th.

It’s normal to have questions and concerns and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  However, when change or crisis happens, decisions must be made. After careful consideration, these are the decisions we have landed on and we are doing our best to continue providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you are still uncomfortable, we would love to have you continue to be a part of the mission at Engage by joining our  Engage Online community for Sunday services.

We’re grateful to have you as a part of our Engage Family. This is just another moment where we get to live out our mantra, we all we got.

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