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our next assist intensive BEGINS NOVEMBER 4th & 5th



NEXT CLASS: NOV 4th & 5th

Assist Intensives are purposefully designed to be high energy work outs that can be completed with a quick burst. Assist Intensives dive into specific topics taught by experts and give people the opportunity to be challenged and changed with the community of people who are in class together.


We have some big topics to tackle in our Assist Intensives starting this June and for the rest of the year. No matter who you are, you are constantly relating to yourself and others all day long. On top of that relating to people is one of the most difficult things to do well. Soooo…because we all have blindspots, pitfalls, past hurts, anxiety and misconceptions when it comes to relationships, Assist Intensives presents for your benefit, “Can We Just Talk” where we will have Friday and Saturday Intensives once a month to talk about Self Awareness, The Art of Conflict Resolution, Dating and Marriage and Parenting. Assist are all about helping. We want this to help your working relationships, romantic life, spiritual walk with Jesus, help your kids. 

Childcare is available for children K-6th grade.


Self Awareness: June 24th (6:30pm-9pm) and 25th (9am-2pm)

Conflict Resolution: July 22nd (6:30pm-9pm) and 23rd (9am-2pm)

Dating: September 16th (6:30pm-9pm) and 17th (9am-2pm)

Marriage: November 4th (6:30pm-9pm) and 5th (9am-2pm)

Parenting: TBD

Ready to take the dive?

Sign up for this Assist Intensive below! 

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