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If you wanted to know what you were created to do or why you are here, where would you turn to find the answer? Who would you ask? Is that even possible to know? What if the answer is no? Or what if you can know why you are here but you get it wrong, how can you claim to Stand on Business? Whether you recognize it or not the world around you is starving for someone to show them what it means to live with purpose; a purpose that takes them beyond self-fulfillment and into being an oasis of life for others.


Who are you going to let decide what limitations to live by? Whose permission do you need to want more out of life? Don't play the game of life by the scoreboard GIVEN to you. Use the scoreboard CREATED for you! If you never play the game that was designed with you in mind, you will never get to know the value your life was always meant to have! WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?? Come and find out! The Engage Youth Conference is coming! The answers are coming!! Meet us on August 17th for this free Youth Conference designed with you in mind! Join us at 11 am at The Matchbox. Doors open at 10:30am. If you are between the ages of 12-18 register today!!

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