Engage Church
Engaging God, People, and Culture



Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?
— Psalm 85:6

Regardless of what we have heard before, revival is not an event that is held by a church. Neither is it an experience fostered by the church. Revival is a special season when God does intensely the things He does regularly.  We will narrow down the scope of what happens during any revival to at least three things.

1. An intense focus on God’s Word

2. An intense focus on Humanities Woes

3. An intense focus on Jesus' Ways and Works

There have been great moments around the globe when God has chosen to visit His people in this unique way.  We want to ask God to do it again in us and those around us. What if our city were visited?  What if our individual hearts were visited? To that end here is today's outline:


Begin by engaging God for personal revival in your heart and life. Read Psalm 51 as a guide to lead you in recognizing ways and motives you have not trusted to God.  We all have them. Jesus made it clear. Matthew 5:3 "God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him.."  He never asks for perfection.  He does say that the Christian ethic would be a consistent realization that there are broken areas we cannot fix and that we continuously turn over to him. Matthew 5:4 says, "God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted." We recognize and we are remorseful! Begin to cry out to God to see and set your heart fully on trusting God. While you set this time aside to examine your own heart, be mindful to continually focus on Jesus' ways and work and thank Him for making up the difference where you have come up short! 


Begin by engaging God on behalf of others so that they might experience revival.  Read Psalm 85:6 and Matthew 5:7-9. The purpose is twofold here. First, it is to recognize the deep connection that God continuously makes to the value He places on all people and how we treat them.  Be mindful of ways in which the genuine care of others may have gotten lost in translation.  As you pray for your church family, natural family, co-workers, friends etc, begin to realize the value that each truly holds in God’s sight. Secondarily it is to truly seek their peace and good by your prayers and even actions for them. By actions we mean, during this fast, if you have the opportunity to go above and beyond in service to any individual, do it!  Pray for their joy, peace, purity and mercy. And pray that you would be that in their life as well. While you set this time aside for this purpose, be mindful of the way of Jesus to teach our hearts to love and set our actions on fulfilling His love to those we are praying for.


Begin by engaging God on behalf of the culture(our city etc.) that it might experience revival. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Acts 3:19-20. Yes, these begin with us but allow it to help you begin praying for our city and culture. Perhaps God will allow us to really grieve like Matthew 5:4 on behalf of what we see. This is a great time to pray for social issues that have risen to heightened levels (i.e. racism, tribalism, abortion, greed/corruption etc.) While you set this time aside for this purpose, be mindful to thank God that you have the answer in Christ Jesus.  We do not dare pray without hope!