Engage Church
Engaging God, People, and Culture


Thursday, April 18

And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.’
— Luke 22:19

Today we take the day to remember. Even in the act of remembering this life-changing event on our behalf speaks to our need for constant revival and reformation. So today we remember the last supper of Jesus with his disciples. We remember what passover represents and in so doing we remember the mercy and grace of our God for us! So we remember Jesus. Born to suffer.  Born to redeem. Born for hope. Born for us!


Begin by engaging God to personally remember that it was for you Jesus came. Read Exodus 12:1-30. Recognize that like the Israelites, unless the lamb is killed; unless someone outside of you takes your place, you would be swept away in God's just judgement! Also, recognize His love to provide a substitute so that you would be brought into a relationship with Him.  


Begin by engaging God in remembering that there is a community of people you have been brought into relationship with. Read Mark 14:12-26.  Recognize that God has called you to walk with the people at Engage as we live out the reality of a life that was brought into relationship with the God of the universe. We get to choose to respond in kindness, gentleness, truth, forgiveness and loving service to one another in return.  We get to live out the reality of Gods heart for human interaction and relationship with one another. All of this was paid for with the body and blood of Jesus.


Tonight we break our fast together as we come around the dinner table as a family. Recognize that when you arrive, you will be surrounded with people who God cares for in the most sincere way!  Recognize that you are uniquely called to serve the people you will be around tonight.  Ask God to help you embody our value of Spiritual Family: WE ALL WE GOT