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make your life count.? 


Not just the 52 hours this year you'll spend worshipping inside the four walls of our church. But also the other 4500 waking hours! You feel it don't you? The Great Divide. The land of extremes.  The land of either/or. What if our application of modern day christianity has led us to a disconnect from our original purpose? It's Time! Engage this is our time to walk into the land Both/And! People are hungry for work AND worship; career AND family; us AND them; sacred AND Secular. Just as Nehemiah heard about the destruction in Jerusalem and felt the call to rebuild, so we have a call. We have been tasked with the job of “both/and”, the job of connecting people back to their original design and Designer. This is Church.


Are you ready to go beyond four walls? We invite you to The Nehemiah Institute. This is a 4 PHASE training ground to transform you into an Innovative Reconciler. The Nehemiah Institute will take the core traits of an Innovative Reconciler and break them into courses that span over 4 different phases. The staff and faculty of this institute are ready to devote their time to helping participants uncover the story of God, become more authentically themselves, build diverse spaces and discover the great WHY of their lives. Will you go? Will you cross the divide? If you have the courage, we have the bridge!

Engage Church Logo.png
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