Engage Church
Engaging God, People, and Culture

Jeff Auger


Thanks for visiting my page to learn more about the mission God has for me! I’m glad you are here, and I hope to enter into a long lasting partnership with you! I want to ask you for your prayers as I enter into the next season of service to our God.  May we all continue to serve Him well! 



band director

The biggest role that I play at the church is being over the worship band. I’ve been given the opportunity to use my God-given skills and talents to lead worship and to also lead the worship team. Not only will I be leading the congregation in worship but I will also have the opportunity to disciple other members of the worship team and to help them grow in their skills and talents.



I will have the opportunity to disciple other members of the worship team. This includes team members that may be new in their faith and people that have been in the faith for years. The goal is to provide help for those that are seeking to grow closer to God and in their relationship with Him. 


leadership development

This is something I’m very passionate about. Ever since I’ve joined the Worship Team at Engage, I feel that my skills as a leader have grown. This is something that the church really encourages. The goal is to raise up leaders and to be able to send them off into the world. Whether they will be using their worship skills in the future or if they will be sent into the private sector, the hope is to equip them with the skills to be an authentic leader.