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It’s our desire for you to have the heartbeat of Engage Church. If you’re new to our culture, it will take time. After a few months, this should begin to be relevant in your life. Our values at Engage Church are diversity, authenticity, spiritual family, development, and innovative reconciliation. We believe it’s important to “catch” the culture so that you can be sent out as an Innovative Reconciler in our world today.


Who we are is more important than what we do. 1 Samuel 16:7 says that “the Lord does not consider the things man does. While man looks at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart.” It is our primary goal to please the God we are serving first and not the people we are leading. In order to walk in the full anointing to which we have been called, we must be attuned to our heart’s condition.


To be competent in your craft is to carry the weight of it with confidence and excellence. As an intern at Engage Church, you will be encouraged and expected to grow in your skill-sets and abilities, and be able to carry out your work with excellence.


This Program is perfect for a gap year, or to take alongside university coursework or another workplace, with the option of a part-time internship, specifically designed for college students and young adults who desire professional and personal development. Interns will also participate in methods of leadership development with individualized focus. This internship offers specific specializations within the following Departments: Experience and Spiritual Development. 


With the option of committing to an internship during the Spring, Summer, or Fall, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with our church Departments and teams to learn the strategies and general insights into the operating system here at Engage Church. Registration is always open for spots starting in January, May, and August for all tracks within the Program.


The Engage Church Immersion Program exists to develop this upcoming generation’s culture makers and shapers, equipped to change the world through innovative reconciliation. Our program is designed to provide interns with extensive hands-on and practical training in ministry through servant leadership that produces authenticity, spiritual maturity, and a deeper understanding of your purpose and meaningful work. Our hope is that you obtain the skills to be deployed into the next steps of your meaningful work as an innovative reconciler.


You will be challenged and, in return, receive the tools you need to move forward as an innovative reconciler who embodies aspects of diversity, spiritual family, authenticity, and development. At the completion of this program, the hope is that you will have in turn added value to this organization at a greater measure into where God is leading the Church.





Those who have the skills and/or desire to develop the skills in one or more of these areas: ministry; theology;  communication; and the ability to communicate practical biblical truths.

Those who have the skills and/or desire to develop in one or more of these areas: worship; planning and execution of church services and events;
 photography, marketing / digital media.