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There are many opportunities to serve our city. Some ranging to the outskirts of town, while others happen in our own backyard. Ruediger is one of those special opportunities where your neighbors, those right across the street, are asking for our help. We’ve responded to the call by jumping at the chance to serve this great community.
Ruediger Elementary opened on September 6th, 1955 in Midtown, the center of Tallahassee. Ruediger’s average population is 500 students consisting of 81.34% Black students, 8.98% White students, 4.40% Hispanic students, and 2% Asian students.
We asked Ruediger Elementary what would be their goal for mentoring and tutoring volunteers, an area they are in great need. Principle Stephens told us that her dream would be to gain 20 new volunteers. Our mission is to provide just that. 20 volunteers of men and women, ready and willing to serve the great school of Ruediger Elementary to help shape and transform the young minds of our next generation.
For many, this will be a stretch. But when it comes to making a positive impact on these students, we are reminded that no great task is completed without a little sacrifice.
We’re asking for mentors to sign up for a year-long commitment. Mentoring will happen during the school day.
We’re asking for tutors to sign up for a semester-long commitment. Tutoring will happen after the school day.
If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d ask that you fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon.
Thank you in advance for continuing our mission of engaging God, people, and culture.

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