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Engage Kids

what is Engage kids?

Engage Kids is a ministry dedicated to providing a fun, safe and compelling experience for your child to learn about the Gospel. We truly want to partner with you to help your child become a follower of Jesus. Engage Kids ministry is available for children 6 weeks old through the 5th grade.

who attends engage kids?

Engage Kids is designed to teach children in a unique way that they can understand. All children from 6 weeks to 5th grade are encouraged to experience Engage Kids on Sunday mornings!

It is our goal to create a healthy and safe environment for your child to learn about Jesus. All volunteers have undergone background checks and at least two adults are with each age group at all times. For the protection of all children, we ask only parents and volunteers enter the Engage Kids area.


first time at engage kids?

Look for the table in the front lobby designated for Engage Kids. We will meet your family, check your child into our system and answer any questions you may have. Once your family is checked in, one of our volunteers will be happy to show you the children’s church area.

First time families will be asked for the following personal information: family members' names, children’s names and birth dates, family address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your child.

To ensure the safety of your child, Engage Church uses an advanced system called Parent Pager. Using fingerprint technology, your cell phone and pictures, we are able to maintain tight security for your convenience and peace of mind. If for some reason your child were to need you during the service, your last name and family identification code would appear on the screens in the church. We would ask that you exit immediately and look for a staff member who will direct you to your child’s room. For more information about the system or our process, please stop by Engage Kids to talk with our team.

We strongly recommend you check your kids in BEFORE service. To speed things up, below is a form to pre-register them and spend less time in line!

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