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Cameron Briggs


Thanks for visiting our page to learn more about what God has been up to our lives!  If you are here, we value our relationship with you and hope to enter into a long lasting partnership with you. You have been integral in our lives either individually or as a family and for that we owe you a huge thank you! We ask you for your prayers as we enter into the next season of service to our God.  May we all continue to serve Him well!  


New rules weekly

In this episode, Pastor Adrian speaks on the subject of "Giving It Away." Jesus himself gave his very own life to us because he loved us. He gave his best self to us and didn't expect anything in return. Let’s be men and women who freely give what we have freely received.

authentic community sermon

Our sermon series, Authentic, where we look at how to be authentic follower of Christ. This week, Pastor Adrian looks at 1 John 1:5-10 in order to see the importance of having an authentic community. Enjoy this Sunday’s message!

building for the future

October 12-13 did not go according to plan. We were supposed to launch our very first ever New Rules Conference. But thanks to Hurricane Michael, we had to postpone it. Dave Gibbons was going to be one of our main speakers. After telling him the conference was being moved, he said he thought God was still telling him to come and talk with us. Here’s our convo with him. I’m forever thankful for my new friend and his leadership. Enjoy.