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Assist Master Class

Assist Master Classes are focused groups that meet regularly to help Engage Church connect with each other and produce Innovative Reconcilers. These will be people who know how to connect with God, People, and Culture and can assist others to do the same.

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Beyond Sunday

Looking for a place to connect with others at Engage that helps you grow in your faith?

This is a deeper dive into the weekly sermon. In an ever-changing culture, we don't often get the chance to discuss how to respond to God’s timeless truths.

This group will challenge you to have real action and application in your life all while connecting you to Engage Spiritual Family.

Click the day that works best with your schedule to join that group!



Nothing says family like gathering around a meal... Not true.

Nothing says family like being in the kitchen and learning how to make amazing food with good friends, then eating together! Do you need to learn how to cook or add just add some recipes to your repertoire?

Join. Learn. Talk. Cook. And of course, Eat! Each event is $10/person. Click the button to join today!



All work and no play can be exhausting. So lets play!

Play what? You have to come to the group to find out. We’ll have a new game every week!

Take a break from studying or swing by after work with your friends for some outside games and have some fun! You can make some new memories and have plenty of opportunities to grab a sweet pic for the gram.

Use the button to join today! Don’t come alone, invite your friends! Everyone is welcome.


Meet the Parents

Kids may not be born with instruction manuals, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t help out there.

This is a six-week group for parents to learn how to build a healthy environment in their homes.

The group will meet on Sunday mornings at Engage and childcare will be provided through Engage Kids (every parent loves to save a few extra dollars on babysitting!)

This group has limited space so use the button below to join today!


Theology: Old Testament Survey

God wrote you a book and he wants you to understand it.

This class will provide you with a general overview of each Old Testament book. It aims to give you a grasp of the chronological development of the redemption story, and an understanding of the central theological themes in the Old Testament.

Class is $20/person for materials. Click the button below to join this class today!


serve Tallahassee

“How can we help serve our community?”

Because Engage exist our city should feel the impact. If you agree, then join up with others at Engage and let’s help! Twice a month this group will be meeting the needs of our community as we partner with organizations, neighborhoods and people to do our meaningful work together.

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Financial Peace University

Ready to take control of your finances?

Whether you’re staying afloat or drowning in debt, Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey will equip you with the tools to “live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.”

Ready to change the way you approach finances forever? Use the button below to join today! Course costs money for class materials.



Just about everything that is built has a foundation that makes it steady. Why not your relationship with God?

This group will lead you through a workbook that will help you steady your walk with God.

Upon completion, you will be confident in your connection to God and in your ability to help others make that same connection.

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Authentic Leadership

Leadership takes on many forms, today’s leadership crisis calls for authentic leaders who know who they are, what they bring to the table, and how to apply it.

This group is centered around how to be an authentic leader in our current cultural moment. This group will meet weekly with a high level of accountability. Space is limited and $25/person, use the button to join this class today!

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